Posted on 15 May 2019 By Rose Mulready

Senior Artists Benedicte Bemet and Cristiano Martino danced their debut season of Giselle this month. It was a special moment for these two, who are both reaching the peak of their careers, and who have been close friends since their days at The Australian Ballet School. They joined the company on the same day, and have since gone on to share many special dance moments together, including partnering each other in the principal roles of The Sleeping Beauty and Spartacus.

Benedicte says, "Giselle has been such a beautiful ballet to learn and perform. I’ve found it really cathartic. All the things you’ve felt in life can be brought to this role: love, heartache, sadness, forgiveness. Being able to share Giselle with Cris and find our way of telling the story was really special to me."

Cristiano says, "For me the nice thing about sharing all these moments with Bene is that we’ve both been on a similar journey through the company and have shared lots of debuts and a large majority of our career together so far. So I guess it just gives you a sense of pride being out there with someone you have shared all of those experiences with. Giselle is also such a human story so it’s been a real joy to share it with someone I do actually love and love dancing with."

Kate Longley was in the wings to capture all the beauty and emotion of their interpretation.

It's not too late to see Benedicte and Cristiano perform this ballet together. Giselle is playing until 18 May at Sydney Opera House; Bene and Cris are dancing on 16 May.