Posted on 01 May 2019 By Rose Mulready

Something old, something new ... after our performance of the revered Romantic ballet Giselle on Monday 6 May, we'll be shifting gears to present a world-premiere contemporary work as part of our Bodytorque Up Late series. Our dancer Timothy Coleman, an up-and-coming choreographer, has created his duet Orbit to Stuart Greenbaum's Two Interludes in Space. If you're attending the performance, you'll sit in on a Q&A with Tim and Artistic Director David McAllister, then see the first ever performance of Orbit.

Can't make it? Here's a taste of the work in rehearsal. The dancers are Katherine Sonnekus and Joseph Romancewicz; the photography is by Kate Longley. (Photography of Katherine in fairy lights is by the multi-talented Tim.)

Here's what Tim has to say about Orbit:

Orbit is an exploration of desire.

We travel through life constantly searching for what we believe will complete us.

We realise what it is and we desire it. 

Coming back to it again and again.

Dreaming of it and how we will feel when we have it.

Orbiting it with our thoughts.

Eventually we grasp it and for a moment, however small, the world stops and we desire nothing. 

Thought ceases and we are empty. 

It is the space where we lay eyes on beauty before we define it.

It is becoming so absorbed in something that time no longer matters. 

We are at peace - for a moment.

Then thought begins again, searching for something to fill the emptiness.

Timothy Coleman