Posted on 15 May 2019 By Rose Mulready

It's one of the most lyrical and magical moments in Coppélia. At Franz and Swanilda's wedding, the sky turns twilight-dim, and the dainty Hours bring a taste of the night sky before Dawn's exuberant solo signals the return of morning. 

Kristian Fredrikson's tutus for the Hours are some of the master designer's most delicious creations. Patterened with the moon and stars, they swim with turquoise clouds, like a summer dusk. The pearl-strewn headdresses, fit for a Tsarina, again evoke the moon: the ballerinas wear tiny stars in their ears and around their necks, and delicate wings on their backs.

See the Hours in all their azure glory when we take Coppélia on the road this year as part of our regional tour to Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia this winter.

Sharni Spencer. Photography Daniel Boud

Sarah Thompson. Photography Kate Longley

Ella Havelka. Photography Kate Longley

Coco Mathieson. Photography Kate Longley

Ingrid Gow and artists of The Australian Ballet. Photography Daniel Boud

Ella Havelka and artists of The Australian Ballet. Photography Kate Longley

Alice Topp. Photography Kate Longley

Photography Kate Longley