Coppélia’s crowning glories

Posted on 28 October 2016 By Rose Mulready

Looking for some springtime hat inspiration? Look no further than Kristian Fredrikson's extravagant headdresses for Coppélia. Feathers, flowers, ribbons, lace - these delicious confections are part of the ballet's charm and could serve as a basis for head-turning looks offstage. Sydney, your summer will be lightened by Coppélia this December!

It's no surprise that Dr Coppelius' "daughter" attracts every eye in the village when she appears on the balcony in this airy tower of blue feathers with its butterfly-antennae brilliants. It looks pretty great on Swanilda, too, when she masquerades as the doll. We wonder what Swanilda did with this splendid outfit after she'd escaped in it from Dr Coppelius' house - and suspect she couldn't resist keeping it!

Aya Watanabe/Ako Kondo. Photography Kate Longley

Swanilda's own head-gear, with its autumnal bunches of daises, its flirty ribbons and its golden braid, is no slouch in the hat stakes. Perfect for mazurkas!

Dimity Azoury. Photography Kate Longley

The reapers celebrate harvest festival in style, with a wreath of massed blooms. This flower crown look, with its swinging braid, could walk into a modern-day festival no questions asked. 

Lisa Craig. Photography Kate Longley

The Dance of the Hours' stellar headddresses echo the shape of the clouds and crescent moons on their tutus, and are adorned with starry spangles and a gauzy veil. All set to take the night.

Brooke Lockett. Photography Kate Longley

Dawn ushers in the sunrise with a stunning headful of pale gold, cream and rose-coloured feathers that flutter in the soft wind of her movements. For those times when you feel like the Queen of Everything - or a rising star.

Jill Ogai. Photography Kate Longley

Being demure doesn't mean you can't be a knock-out, as the grave and graceful Prayer demonstrates with her sumptuous ring of creamy roses and her exquisite lace veil.

Natasha Kusen. Photography Kate Longley

Wedding style? A heart-shaped detail on your golden crown, roses, ribbons and pearls should do it. Oh, and crowns aren't only for the ladies!

Imogen Chapman. Photography Kate Longley