Ballet V chip chop!

12 August 2010 | By Kate Scott

Melbourne label chip chop! and The Australian Ballet have collaborated on two cheeky limited-edition tote bags. Francophile Hannah Chipkin from chip chop! found ballet to be the perfect foil for her iconic designs. The ‘PLIÉ CHASSÉ’ bag was influenced by the stark black and white type of old tram signs; ‘BALLERINA’ by her own dashed dreams to dance en pointe. We caught up with Hannah to talk leg warmers and Centre Stage.

Do you dance?
I grew up dancing from an early age doing almost everything BUT ballet; I think the perfection intimidated me. I did folk dancing (at age five), tap dancing (which I loved!), funk and jazz for many years. Now I don’t dance so much – just the odd boogie when I go out and some moves in the living room when no one is watching.

Your three favourite things about ballet?
Ah, so many. But three?
The toned bodies
The incredible talent and discipline
Pointe shoes (I always WISHED I could wear these!)

Recurring obsessions in your work?
All things French, wordplay, typography, bold colour, simple shapes, and always a sense of humour.

What should people put in their Ballet V chip chop! tote?
Pointe shoes
A DVD of Centre Stage (is it cool to like that movie?)
Leg warmers
I could go on, because the bag can fit much more than three things!