Ask Colin – the solo

07 May 2009 | By Jasmin Tulk

Colin Peasley, The Australian Ballet’s Education Manager and in-house raconteur, answers all your ballet questions.

“I’m learning a routine for the Narrabri (NSW) Eisteddfod next week. Do you have any tips for me?”
Sami, 8

Dear Sami,
Firstly, congratulations on being so successful with the first part of what I hope will be a bright career in dance for you.

As you probably already know, hard work, though very important, is not enough, because unlike ballet exams which concentrate on your technique, when you appear in an eisteddfod it is your performance that will be judged. So listen carefully to your teacher’s corrections and apply them so that you can not only dance the solo well, but you can also communicate your joy of dance to the audience. And remember Sami, if you enjoy your dancing, so will the audience.

Best wishes

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Image: Kirsty Martin with artists of The Australian Ballet.
Melbourne Telstra in the Bowl 2008. Photography Natalie Verheggen