Posted on 08 July 2021 By Behind Ballet Editorial Team

What a hair's-breadth there is between anguish and ecstasy ... scenes from studio rehearsals of Anna Karenina, shot by our own Senior Artist Christopher Rodgers-Wilson between his own rehearsals for the principal role of Levin, who woos the Princess Kitty after she recovers from her crush on Count Vronsky - who ignores her as he becomes entangled with Anna. The complexity of human desire, written on the body. 

Robyn Hendricks and Callum Linnane

Callum Linnane and Robyn Hendricks

Benedicte Bemet and Brett Chynoweth

Callum Linnane and Robyn Hendricks

Robyn Hendricks

Callum Linnane, Robyn Hendricks and Adam Bull

Robyn Hendricks, Callum Linnane and Adam Bull