A Date with Swan Lake

Posted on 01 February 2017 By Rose Mulready

Valentine's Day? Better with ballet! And we have good news: our full production of Graeme Murphy’s beloved modern-day version of Swan Lake (starring Madeleine Eastoe, Robert Curran and Danielle Rowe) is now available to stream on Ballet TV - the perfect accompaniment to your special night. But it's not just couples who'll enjoy this passionate reinvention of ballet's classic love story. Here's why Murphy's Lake is the perfect choice for Valentine's viewing - even if you're not in love with love.

Don't need convincing? Full stream ahead!


It doesn't get much more romantic than Tchaikovsky and a lake full of swans. Add a handsome, tormented hero, a fragile beauty and a darkly seductive mistress, and you've got a chemical charge in the air. Plump up the pillows, turn down the lights, turn up the sound and get the ice bucket rattling. Your ultimate date night comes cheap: you can stream the full production for eight dollars, which means all the more cash to lash on top-shelf tipples and lavish gifts. You're welcome!

Photography Jim McFarlane and Liz Ham


Get in formation! The Crown has nothing on the twists and turns of this Royal love triangle (we're talking lust, betrayal, mental breakdowns and sweet revenge in a show-stopping dress). And, in a tribute to strong female friendships, our heroine Odette has a whole troupe of nurturing swans to fold her in their wings when life gets tough. Swan Lake is the ideal accompaniment to black-and-white stylings, meringue platters and a (feather) pillow fight or two.

Photography Teneil Kable, Lisa Tomasetti, Jeff Busby


Hallmark holidays make you shudder, hearts and flowers make you run for cover, and you plan to wait out the lovefest holed up with your remote control. There's no better moment for Swan Lake. What cynic doesn't love a marriage that hits rock bottom before the wedding's even done? And happy-ending haters will be thrilled by the dark twist of Murphy's vision as this story hurtles to its fateful conclusion. We defy even the most hardened sceptic to keep from shedding a tear.

Photography Jim McFarlane, Jeff Busby