Posted on 27 November 2018 By Rose Mulready

Class, rehearsals, performances … and gym? That’s right. Our dancers' workouts support their techniques and foster wellbeing. Corps de Ballet member Evie Ferris gives us mortals some pointers gleaned from her regular routine.

I do 'J-Lo's before class to activate and strengthen my deep rotators. It’s a great exercise for the turnout of my supporting leg in adage, and for the initiation of single-leg leaps.

  • Tip: keep your pelvis square and your legs aligned.
Photography Kate Sheffield

I do 32 calf rises on each leg every day for strength and endurance, and to prevent lower-leg injury. While I’m doing my calf rises, I think about the alignment of my ankles all the way to my pelvis and spine.

  • Tip: Maintain even pressure from the big toe joint to the little toe joint to assist with foot alignment
Photography Kate Sheffield

I do two sets of 25 cable twists on each side as an endurance exercise. This builds abdominal and spinal strength to assist with pirouettes and port de bras.

  • Tip: Keep your pelvis still and have your spine rotate on its axis.
Photography Kate Sheffield

This bike program is beneficial because it emulates the endurance requirements within a classical ballet solo.

  • Tip: 15 – 30 minutes. Alternate between seated and standing pedalling
Photography Kate Sheffield

I practise yoga and meditate most mornings. Not only does the practice enhance strength, flexibility and balance, it allows me to really tune in to my body and mind. Feeling present and grounded is a great way to start my day.

  • Tip: 30 minutes. Focus on deep breathing to get the most out of your routine.


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Photography Kate Sheffield