Tutti Cello

Tania Hardy-Smith

Meet Tania

Born in London in 1960, Tania Hardy-Smith moved with her family to Melbourne in 1963 and started taking piano lessons at the age of six, then cello lessons at the age of twelve. She is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, where she studied with Tanya Hunt and Henry Wenig. (She also holds an Honours Degree and PhD in Archaeology.) She has performed with the Ensemble Leprehon, Tarraj Quartet, Trio Artemis, Rantos Collegium Chamber Orchestra, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. She has performed at the Spoleto Festival in Italy and the Patras Festival in Greece. She spends a lot of time working for the Symphony Orchestra Musicians' Association (the national body of professional orchestral musicians) and is the editor of the Association’s magazine, Senza Sord.

You may not know ...

As an archaeologist, Tania has excavated in Jordan and the UK, and worked on early Australian archaeological sites uncovered during the preparatory work for the Eastlink project in Melbourne.