Tutti Horn

Sydney Braunfeld

Meet Sydney

Born in 1986 in upstate New York, Sydney began taking horn lessons at the age of eight. She attended Juilliard, studying under William Purvis for her Bachelor’s degree and Jennifer Montone while completing her Master’s. She received the David H. Springman Fellowship for Masters of Music while at Juilliard and went on to receive a Performance Certificate from the Curtis Institute in 2011, the same year she moved to Melbourne. In the US, she performed with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra and the New World Symphony Orchestra. She has also played with the symphony and philharmonic orchestras of Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Sydney, Adelaide and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. She is inspired by her teacher, Jennifer Montone, who, she says ‘always encouraged me to play from the heart’. Her favourite composers are Bach, Josquin des Prez, Brahms, Sibelius, and Mahler and she would someday like to perform the Ligeti Trio.

You may not know …

Sydney is a certified lifeguard and loves teaching swimming.