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Ty King-Wall
Ty King-Wall

What are you currently reading?
Euripides’ Troades. It’s a Greek tragedy about the fall of Troy seen through the eyes of the Trojan women who lose their husbands in the war, and are then sold into slavery. It’s one of the set texts for the Classics paper I’m studying at the moment.

What do you love most about your hometown in New Zealand?
The sense of calm I get when I’m there. Katikati is a little town on the east coast of the North Island, with the beach on one side and mountains on the other. We have a small orchard nestled in the foothills of the ranges, and I can’t help feeling at peace when I’m home.

What was the biggest turning point of your career?
Dancing the wedding pas de deux in The Sleeping Beauty with Kirsty Martin on opening night of Ballet Imperial last year. It was a high-pressure situation, and I was very nervous beforehand, but getting through it gave me a lot of confidence.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh?
My girlfriend’s miniature schnauzer Minty watching me write this from the couch.

What have you learnt during the production of Concord?
How much we are capable of as dancers. The choreographers demanded a lot from us, and it was ultimately rewarding to be driven that strongly in the rehearsal process. It made me aware of how much more I have to give in that environment.

What’s your greatest indulgence?
My laptop computer.

October 2009



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