National Ballet of China presents

The Red Detachment of Women

​The Chinese company’s ensemble proved beautifully coherent… exceptionally smooth, quiet pointe work across the ranks.

The Financial Times
15 - 18 February, Arts Centre Melbourne, State Theatre

The Red Detachment of Women

One of the great ballet companies of the world, the National Ballet of China, has accepted an invitation to perform one of the most vivid cultural icons of the 20th century exclusively for Asia TOPA. Created and premiered in 1964, The Red Detachment of Women fuses the athleticism and rigour of Chinese ballet with a stylish and colour-saturated design and a striking original score.

For this exclusive season, the ballet is performed by an outstanding ensemble of 70 dancers accompanied by Orchestra Victoria and a local choir to produce a spectacular presentation of one of the most memorable cultural works of the modern era.

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Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne in association with The Australian Ballet and Orchestra Victoria. 

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Set in the 1930s on the lush tropical island of Hainan, The Red Detachment of Women is based on the true stories of an all-female company of the Communist Red Army. A peasant girl who has escaped the clutches of a tyrannical landlord joins the Red Detachment brigade and leads them to defeat her former tormentor and liberate the people.

The Red Detachment of Women, National Ballet of China

The Red Detachment of Women was famously performed for President Nixon and Henry Kissinger on their visit to China in 1972 (an event later dramatised in the opera Nixon in China), and its imagery has become cemented in Western popular culture. Much more than a historical curiosity or propaganda relic, it remains one of China’s most popular ballets and has recently become the National Ballet of China's flagship work, performed in the great houses of Europe and North America.

The Red Detachment of Women, National Ballet of China
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