A free public performance of Giselle

Ballet Under the Stars

Ballet Under the Stars is a free outdoor performance of world-class ballet in Western Sydney supported by our Strategic Sponsor Destination NSW and Major Partners Celestino, Penrith City Council and Penrith Lakes.

The event includes a full-length production of a timeless, romantic ballet, the much-loved classic Giselle. Bring your family and friends, a rug and a picnic and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Sydney International Regatta Centre while experiencing this spectacular ballet, filled with breathtaking dancing and flowing white tutus.

Being able to share the experience of watching ballet with my family while the moon rose over the lakes was a memorable moment that I won’t forget for a long time

Ballet Under the Stars 2017 audience member

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please contact our friendly customer experience team on 1300 369 741 or send us a message

  • I booked a ticket for the 2018 performance but it says 2017. Will I still gain entry?

    Yes, you will still gain entry to our 2018 performance. Unfortunately, we had an internal server issue, so some people may have received tickets with the wrong information. The correct tickets have been issued to you, so keep an eye on your email. and please destroy any tickets with 2017 information on them.

  • What time does the event start?

    Gates open at 3.30pm for a 7pm performance and the performance will conclude at approximately 9pm. The car park will open at 3pm.

  • How do I get to Sydney International Regatta Centre?

    There are three modes of transport available to patrons.

    Public transport: Penrith Station is the closest railway station to the event. It is approximately 6km from the Sydney International Regatta Centre. Parking is available in the station’s multi-level carpark.

    Free shuttle buses from Busways between Penrith Station and the venue: Shuttle buses will be operating between the Northern side of Penrith station and the Sydney International Regatta Centre throughout the afternoon from 3pm and at the end of the event. These buses will drop you directly at the entry point of the venue.

    Private vehicles and parking: If travelling via the M4, we recommend using the Northern Road exit. Free parking is available on site from 3pm with access via Old Castlereagh Road. A free shuttle bus will run throughout the carpark to transport people to the audience entry point. Once the venue car park has reached capacity patrons will be directed to park at Penrith Station and use the free shuttle bus service. Patrons should leave plenty of time for travel and parking and are reminded to follow instructions from traffic marshalls. Please note there is up to a 20-minute walk from the carpark to the event site and you may experience delays upon exit from the carpark.

    Drop off zone: There is no pickup or drop-off zone at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. Please arrange your drop-off and pickup at Penrith Station, where you will be able to catch the free shuttle bus to and from the Sydney International Regatta Centre

  • Will there be pre-show entertainment?

    Yes! Entertainment will commence at 4.30pm with dancer Q&As, class on stage and autograph signing

    Food stalls, activities and entertainment for children and families will also be available.

  • What happens if it is a rainy day?

    Ballet Under the Stars is an all-weather outdoor event, and will only be cancelled if the weather is hazardous. At this current stage the event will be going ahead. Please note that if the event has to be cancelled due to weather conditions, it will not be rescheduled.

  • What are the seating arrangements?

    Seating is unreserved, so come early to get a good spot. You can bring your own picnic blankets, low beach chairs, cushions, blankets and rugs, but nothing too big as people will be sitting behind you and need to see the performance too.

    Accessible seating will be available, please contact our customer experience team on 1300 369 741.

  • What if I get hungry and thirsty?

    Food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are welcome; however, no packaged and commercial takeaway food is permitted at the venue. Please respect the venue by bringing plastic bottles and cans. Glass is strictly not allowed.

    Free water bubblers are available onsite and outlets will sell water.

    Food and beverages will also be available to purchase on site. 

  • What can't I bring?

    No audio or visual recording equipment can be brought into the venue. Bag searches may take place at the gates, and prohibited items will be confiscated. Glass as well as packaged and commercial takeaway food is not permitted at the venue. 

    No pets or animals are allowed. Assistance and guide dogs accepted.

  • Can I make Ballet Under the Stars a full weekend experience?

    Only an hour from Sydney CBD and easily accessible via train from Sydney Airport, Penrith can provide a weekend of adventures that delight, entertain and create long lasting memories.

    Ballet Under the Stars is the perfect reason for families, couples and adventure seekers to visit Penrith and experience the Adventure Capital of NSW.

    To help you plan your perfect weekend around Ballet Under the Stars, got to visitpenrith.com.au.

  • What if I’m travelling from outside Sydney or interstate?

    There will be travel packages available which include choice of hotels and guaranteed entry to Ballet Under the Stars which can be purchased to make this the perfect weekend away for either families or couples. Information will be provided on these closer to the time.

  • What happens to lost property?

    Lost property can be taken to the Information booth. At the end of the event lost items will be taken to the Venue Management Office where it will be recorded and logged by Venue Management. Please contact the Venue on the Monday following the event to claim any lost property.

  • What is the lost persons procedure?

    Lost persons should be immediately reported to the information booth, police or Management team.

    Lost persons can be reunited with family and friends at the information booth which will be manned by Penrith City Council staff. Please assist the Council staff with lost children by writing your mobile phone number on their arm so that we are able to contact you. This can be done at a number of locations including before the ticket entry, in the pram bay or at the information booth.

  • Will there be a pram bay at the event?

    Prams/Strollers are to be cloaked in the stroller bays provided.

    Prams/Strollers cannot be kept in aisles or other open areas that may impact on the safe passage of patrons.

    For safety reasons, strollers and prams are not permitted onto the grassed island area.

  • What if I require special access?

    For this event accessible parking is limited, therefore if you are wishing to utilise the accessible parking facilities please contact The Australian Ballet prior to the event to request and confirm. 

    A limited mobility viewing area is available for guests in wheelchairs. 

  • Conditions of Entry

    Key Conditions

    • Entry to this event is subject to holding a valid ticket.
    • SIRC is a no-glass Venue and all glass items (including but not limited to wine bottles, champagne bottles, glass drinking vessels and other) will be confiscated or cloaked on site prior to entry. If glass is found on site during the event, this will be confiscated.
    • There is no swimming at this event. Anyone who enters the water will be removed from the event.
    • Eskies and bags of abnormally large dimensions will not be permitted entry.
    • Prohibited items at the Venue include: marquees/tents, umbrellas, BBQ’s, Balls, Frisbees, bicycles, skateboards, skates, scooters, laser pens/pointers.
    • The Australian Ballet will be photographing and filming this event and patrons for promotional purposes. Please advise the photographer on the day if you do not want to be photographed.

    General Conditions

    • The Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC) or its delegate is entitled to search, pat down and/or bag check visitors to the event when they enter and/or during the event. A person who refuses to undergo such a search, pat down and/or bag check may be prohibited from entering the event, or such a visitor may be immediately removed from the event.
    • For the safety and security of patrons and other SIRC occupants, closed circuit television cameras are in use at this venue.
    • In caring for patron safety we reserve the right to refuse entry to people who are intoxicated and / or disorderly.
    • SIRC (or other authorised) personnel may refuse admission and may remove from the venue any person who causes annoyance or inconvenience to other members of the public/patrons.
    • Smoking, including electrical cigarettes (e-cig or e-cigarettes), personal vaporisers, electronic nicotine delivery systems, or other battery powered vaporisers are not permitted to be consumed anywhere in the Venue other than in designated smoking areas.
    • Vehicles are not permitted within the confines of restricted SIRC areas, unless otherwise approved by the SIRC in advance. During the events the SIRC Event Marshals will direct visitors arriving by car, coach or other transport means to the appropriate car park. Drivers that do not park as directed or enter restricted areas may be removed from the venue.
    • SIRC and its delegates accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to items confiscated.

    Prams and Strollers

    • Bag and pram/stroller inspections will be conducted to ensure that no glass or prohibited items are bought into the venue.
    • For the safety of the general public during the course of the event, and in the case of an emergency evacuation, the following conditions apply to prams and strollers:
      • Prams and strollers cannot be kept in aisles or other open areas that may impact on the safe passage of patrons.
      • For safety reasons, prams and strollers are not permitted onto the Grassed Island area.
    • SIRC and its delegates will not be held responsible for any damages or loss or theft of person’s personal property.
    • Patrons choosing to leave valuables on the premises do so at their own risk.

    Liquor Licence  

    • Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not to be removed from the Venue.
    • SIRC and its delegates enforces all current Responsible Service of Alcohol laws.
    • Patrons are advised that:
      • They are entering licensed premises;
      • Intoxicated or drug affected persons will not be permitted to enter;
      • Persons in possession of illicit drugs will not be permitted to enter;
      • Intoxicated and drug affected persons will be removed from the premises;
      • It is an offence for minors to purchase and consume liquor;
      • It is an offence to purchase liquor for (or supply liquor to) minors or persons who are intoxicated;
      • Persons supplying liquor to minors will be reported to the Police and penalties apply under the Liquor Act 2007.

    Dress Code

    • As a minimum for general admission, patrons must be appropriately clothed for a public place
    • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times;
    • Patrons must not wear or display items which bear offensive, racist, radical, fanatical, inflammatory, obscene, derogatory or provocative slogans, signage or logos.
    • Patrons must not wear or display any item for the sole or dominant purpose of ambush marketing.
    • Patrons must not wear, display or possess items which bear street gang or motor cycle gang colours, including but not limited to patches, jackets, T-shirts, badges, other clothing or paraphernalia or items bearing gang’s insignia.
    • Patrons wearing or otherwise displaying inappropriate or unauthorised commercial, political, religious or other offensive images, logos etc. may be denied entry into SIRC or asked to remove such items prior to entering the venue.

    Prohibited Items

    Persons are prohibited from entering the Venue with any of the following items:

    • Animals (except for authorised guide dogs/companion dogs).
    • Livestock or exotic animal to be brought onto or kept on the site.
    • Structures such as marquees, awnings etc; umbrellas.
    • BBQ’s.
    • Balls, frisbees, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, skates or scooters.
    • Glass bottles, breakable containers.
    • Illegal substances including dangerous or illicit drugs.
    • Laser pens/ Laser pointers.
    • Offensive weapons, including knives and potential missiles; large chains, wallet chains; or spiked bracelets.
    • Commercial food (commercial food is any food purchased from external sources, with commercial packaging including recognisable commercial food outlets).
    • Aerosol air horns, musical instruments, air horns, whistles, megaphones and vuvuzela.
    • Poles, sticks or oversized flags (1.5m x 1m with flagpoles over 1.5m), including “selfie sticks”.
    • Eskies and bags of abnormally large dimensions will not be permitted entry.
    • Fireworks, flares, smoke bombs,  explosive substances or highly flammable items.
    • Any item which as deemed by SIRC or its delegates can cause public nuisance or offence to any user.
    • Professional photographic, video and recording equipment for commercial purposes. Video and/or recorders, commercial digital equipment, camera tripods and/or monopods may be refused entry. Lenses with a total-focal strength of greater than 200mm are not permitted into the Venue (without prior written permission).
    • Banners and/or signage written in foreign language, foreign national flags or political banners.
    • Any other objects which may be used as missiles or weapons (including replica weapons) or any item that SIRC and its delegates considers inappropriate.
    • Anyone found to have items that may be used for acts of vandalism will be refused entry.
    • Markers, textas, aerosol cans and all graffiti tools are strictly prohibited.
    • Banners or any other signs or materials bearing offensive, malicious, hurtful, provocative or political text all representations, badges or symbols.
    • No flash photography is allowed during the performance.

    In addition, the following activities are strictly prohibited

    • Camping or residing within the Venue.
    • Participation in, or organisation of, any protest, march, demonstration or public meeting.
    • Display and / or distribution of any advertising and / or political material.
    • Erect, place or affix any banners or signage within the Venue or on any Venue infrastructure (without prior written permission).
    • Conduct any kind of survey of visitors to the Venue (without prior written permission).

Sydney International Regatta Centre

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The highlight was the interaction with the children, allowing them up close to the stage to watch the dancers’ class was fabulous.

Ballet Under the Stars 2017 audience member

It was my daughter’s first chance to see live ballet, and she loved absolutely loved it. The atmosphere, the quality and the beauty of the performances and dancers. And all for free!

Ballet Under the Stars 2016 audience member


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